Help and Support

Viewing FAQs:

Q. How do I Zoom in?
A. You simply left-click anywhere on the virtual slide and select the desired magnification.

Q. Some parts of the image are blank or there seems to be missing tiles, how do I fix this?
A. This is not very common. A virtual slide is made up of thousand of little tiles. Sometimes, these tiles don’t load for various reasons. When this happens refresh the page or reload the slide. If the problem persists, email the Medical Education Support Group at

Q. Is the entire slide area available to be viewed at the highest magnification?
A. Most often this is not the case. Usually a certain portion of the slide is selected to be viewed at the highest magnification. This can be readily determined by looking at the green outline in the slide thumbnail. Sometimes, the entire slide is outlined in green, in which case the entire slide can be viewed at the highest magnification.

Q. Are virtual slides available outside the School of Medicine?
A. Yes. The virtual slides are available on the WWW. However, you should access the slides using a high-speed internet connection, i.e. Cable, DSL. Virtual slide images can be anywhere from 200MB to over 1GB.

Q. What is the best viewing resolution?
A. The virtual slide pages were designed to run optimally at a screen resolution of 1024x768. In turn, you should have at least 1024x768 of resolution. Screen resolution can easily be changed (PC) by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and seleting the "settings" tab.